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Enhancing Patient Education

Massachusetts General Hospital was in need of more effective patient education. See how they integrated BioDigital’s software and over 800 anatomy, health condition, and treatment models in their clinical workflow to improve point of care education.


Mastering Medical Device Education

Johnson & Johnson needed a better way to train surgeons on their novel medical devices. See how BioDigital’s software platform enabled cost effective global use of immersive learning experiences to drive better performance.


Leveraging BioDigital to Improve Learning Outcomes

The National Academy of Sports Medicine has certified over 1.4 millions fitness professionals. See how embedding BioDigital’s 3D exercise motion visualizations into their online education increased user acquisitions and improved learner satisfaction and engagement. NASM certified personal trainers now better understand the body’s physiology and function and with this knowledge they can improve the health outcomes of their clients.


Improving Communication & Patient Outcomes

The OR1 CollaboratOR is the new interactive display technology from KARL STORZ that allows collaboration to happen seamlessly inside and outside the operating room, wherever clinical personnel or data resources are located. And the BioDigital Human is the anatomy resource that comes with every CollaboratOR.


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